Starting A 'Computer Club'

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Starting A 'Computer Club'

How do we start clubs in schools?

The guide could be fairly simple and initially concentrate on the consensus of what could be covered by such a club with links to other ideas around this wiki (and the web).

Whilst there should be no rules about what a #codingforkids club is, its probably helpful to have a starters guide which concentrates on the communities priorities and best resources, with lots of opportunities to explore more ideas.

There will be some research done to try to decide what the community would want from a simple guide and this page will host the design and then the guide as it forms.

What is it?

Do we call them 'Computer Club' 'Creativity Club' 'Create Tech Club'

This page will act as a guide to how to set up and after school club. This is a collaborative effort (I'm starting it off with some ideas from the pub)

Why (Justifying it to the Head)

National Curriculum

Key Stage 1 - ICT

Key Stage 2 - ICT

Key Stage 2 - Design Technology




See Useful websites until we have a consensus about the easiest / best to start with.

Learning Resources

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